Vendor Parking

To enter Vendor parking, turn at Cascade View Drive and follow the signs.

Vendor load-in and Code of Conduct

Welcome to this year’s Monroe Swap Meet at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.  Vendors can start lining up at 6:00 am on Friday, May 19th in the Vendor Parking Lot off Cascade View Drive on the east side of the fairgrounds.

If you don’t know exactly where your stall is or it’s your first time, there will be a full-size stall map at the vendor entrance which will show you exactly where you’ll need to go.  Please have patience during this time because there will be a lot of vehicles moving around to unload their wares.  Each area has an Area Captain that can help with any issues that may arise.

We value the safety of all vendors and attendees during our event.  We do not allow threats or aggressions:
Threats and Aggressions include:

  Disrespectful language
Acts or threats of violence
            Insults based on gender, religion or race
Political banners, flags, decals, handouts or slogans are also banned as well as inappropriate language

Please be kind to our staff as we’re all volunteers trying the best we can to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Please refrain from yelling or any rude behavior, none of that will be tolerated.  We will have both the City of Monroe Police and the Snohomish County Sheriff on duty during the event. The Car Corral (on the west side of the fairgrounds off 179th Ave. S.E) will open at noon to sell your vehicle or projects on trailers. They can stay in the lot from noon on Friday to 2pm on Sunday, we’ll also have security on both Friday and Saturday night.

To accommodate customers who buy items that need to be picked up, we will have a drop-off and pickup area in the same parking lot (area 32) at the Car Corral.  Just tell the staff at the entrance that you’re picking up or dropping off parts (one hour limit for parking).

For questions, T-shirt sales, electrical drops, lost & found, first-aid or reservations for next year please go to the administration area in building 600 which is just east of the main building 604.  Fairgrounds staff will be on site to handle any emergencies.

Early Ford V-8 Club – Puget Sound Regional Group

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